The Project

The project will consist of the following activities with these characteristics:

  • awareness

  • education

  • knowledge sharing

  • experience



A place where culture and gastronomy meet.

Dishes from local sources, with a 'cultural explosion' of flavours are prepared with organic ingredients, grown in collaboration with local producers.

Multi-cultural events

... that will feed all our needs for beauty through music, dance and the spoken word.


Art and cooking workshops to focus on mutual cultural inspiration, with attention being paid to healthy Andalusian products.

Innovation Hub

The "Innovation Hub" is the place where new products and services are developed in collaboration with professionals and local producers. These organic products and services are characterized by their added value in terms of circular properties and beauty. This development will take place in a broad sense: culinary as well as in culture, textiles and personal care.


Lectures held by nationally and internationally renown speakers with a vision of a theme of 'connection' and 'inspiration'.



The piece of land belonging to the project is ecologically processed and uses an integrated ecological (biodynamic) system, where fruit, nut and olive trees are planted and pollinated by our bees. These ecological products are used in the restaurant.

Lambs graze between the abundantly growing wild flowers and herbs. They keep the soil cleaning prevent fires.

Education and awareness

Andalusia has an abundance of healthy products. A local law has recently been passed, focusing on healthy food and clean water for the population. Within the project, attention is given to the benefits of good nutrition. There are education courses to give attention to what nutrition can do for health. Cultural, culinary and artistic trips are organized, including educational trips for students.


Energy is produced through solar, biomass and wind energy to power the project.